Segal Savad



Adobe Solution Partner



Segal Savad has been a top Adobe agency partner for the past five years specializing in Adobe Experience Manager for Mobile. We work with Adobe to help Enterprise-level companies across the globe understand and implement the latest in mobile engagement.  

By blending our expertise across traditional digital channels with the most cutting-edge platforms from Adobe, Segal Savad has created a unique, customer-centric approach to mobile engagement; one that is phased, nimble and iterative. This includes a front-end solution that gets apps up quickly and efficiently to provide valuable engagement and buy-in. Once an app is up-and-running effectively, we can integrate and automate the publishing of content and data from AEM as well as interface with other CMS, CRM, eCommerce, digital marketing and other mission critical systems. From there we can bring in various Adobe Marketing Cloud capabilities to manage targeting, measurement, performance and delivery against customer KPIs.

This fluid workflow empowers our clients to adopt mobile apps in a way that is comfortable, that matches their corporate culture and that provides a clear roadmap for scalability and success.

The future is mobile. Join us!